65.00 USD

MVP gets all the following:

  • All Member, Contributor, Donator, VIP and Premium perks
  • Commands: /kittycannon and /fireball (Creative)
  • BuildCraftia Realm for one (1) month (worth $4.50)
  • Disguises: Armor_Stand, Arrow, Boat, Dropped_Item, Egg, Ender_Pearl, Ender_Signal, Falling_Block, Fireball, Firework, Fishing_Hook, Painting, Primed_Tnt, Shulker_Bullet, Small_Fireball, Snowball, Spectral_Arrow
  • Trails: Regular - Pop, Snowball, Slime Witch and Block Trails - Glass, Sea, Ore, Clay
  • Gadgets: Doge Cannon, Valentine, Cloud-O-Matic