100.00 USD

Penguin gets all the following:

  • All Member, Contributor, Donator, VIP, Premium and MVP perks
  • BuildCraftia Realm for six (6) months ($4.50/mo = $27 Realm credit)
  • Joining message when joining servers
  • Ability to launch any player up in the sky with shift right click (FalconPunch)
  • Access to the /slap command on Creative
  • Disguises: Ender_Dragon, Dragon_Fireball, Wither, Area_Effect_Cloud, Ender_Crystal, Minecart, Minecart_Chest, Minecart_Command, Minecart_Furnace, Minecart_Hopper, Minecart_Mob_Spawner, Minecart_Tnt, Experience_Orb, Item_Frame, Leash_Hitch, Elder_Guardian, Splash_Potion, Thrown_Exp_Bottle, Tipped_Arrow, Wither_Skull
  • Trails: Regular - Heart, Flame and Block Trails - Flower, Carpet, Redstone, Wheat
  • Gadgets: Boom Stick, El Diablo, Penguin Cannon
  • Lovely penguin companion (only available to Penguin rank)
  • Penguin tag in the BuildCraftia Discord and Forums
  • Purple name and nametag